Introducing Chef Honza

    Chef Honza has worked in the professional kitchen since 15 years of age. His love for fresh cuisine with a home-made touch has shaped Honza’s experience as a former sous-chef at ARIA Catering and some of the top restaurants all across Europe and Vietnam, cooking for high-profile politcians and celebrities, like Angelina Jolie.

    I embody these beliefs in natural and fresh food sources for my recipes. My ambition is to give an experience of fine dining cuisine using down to earth flavours, honouring the past whilst inspiring our contemporary cuisine’s receipes, Honza style from my restaurant.

    “Food is the sustenance, memories and projections of who we are.”

    Chef Honza has opened Honza Grill to represent cuisines from his childhood to create an amazing dining experience.
    Food is an important part of my family history. I am a passionate advocate for the production and use of natural products, by respecting the earth and abundance of food it offers us, by honouring the recipes from our past, by preserving them for future and developing contemporary dishes inspired by nature.

    Food is my passion and I wish to share it with everyone who wishes to join me at my table.